Five type of dresses that every women should wear

5 types of dresses that every women should wear in her lifetime.


1. School uniform
Girl education is as vital as education for the boys. That time is long gone when women are meant for just the kitchen alone. If you are not convinced, ask your self who are the finance and petroleum ministers in Nigeria today?

2. Matriculation gown
Higher education is more vital and it should not stop at basics.

3. Graduation gown
Similarly as it goes for number one and two, complete education realy matters, being half-baked maybe as close to a non-educated and more importantly you should have something to show for it.

4. Wedding gown
The day that the Lord has made, the day that every girl dreams of, it is the happiest day on earth. (For some men as well)

5. Maternity dress
Babies are the joy of life, they are the fruit of any marriage and they are the final jigsaw of a family.

However, if you skip no. 2 you will not get to wear no.3
Never rush to wear no.5 just because he promise you no.4

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