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Quality or quantity?

Fashion is a common language of people all over the world. Through it we celebrate the beauty, individuality and creativity of each person. Fashion emphasizes your qualities and hides the flaws you don't like about yourself.


Clothes can be attractive no matter what the price. What matters is how you wear them. If you are wearing the right clothing, the one that characterizes your personality, it will boost your self-esteem and confidence. That's what fashion is all about.


Confectionery is designed to keep consumers coming back to the store often. This happens in two ways. First, they constantly bring out new collections that make you think that the garment you recently bought and wore only once is no longer in fashion. Second, they purposefully make cheap clothes so they fall apart after a few wears (by the end of the season at most).


Of course, designer clothes are more expensive than ready-to-wear. But that's because you're investing in what you're buying. Designers only make one line each season. So what you see at the beginning of the summer is what they will offer at the end of it. You can't help but feel that what you bought is no longer fashionable at the end of the season. Also, some of the best designer clothes are classic styles that you can wear for years and will always be fashionable.


Also, they are made of much higher quality materials. This ensures that your garment won't fall apart after a few wears, and if you store it properly, you'll be able to wear it for a long time (and even after spending a lot of money to buy it, you'll probably take better care of it)


Different designer brands have different advantages. It's up to you to find those clothes that reflect your personality and priorities and are good value for money. Let's look at a few important questions that will help you make the right choice.


There was an old saying that you get what you pay for. When we talk about ready-to-wear, this statement is absolutely true. You pay low price and get low quality. These brands are cheap because the materials and labor that go into them are also cheap. That's why some call ready-to-wear "disposing of fashion to junk". For many people, designer clothing seems more expensive sometimes when they expect to buy more clothes for the same price. However, there are designer brands with more affordable collections, as well as periods of discounts and sales.


Certainly, designer clothes are a better investment. Although they may go out of style at some point like any other garment, they have a much greater value over time. This is due to the brand, quality and the fact that they are produced in very small quantities. Fashion trends are often the well-forgotten old ones. A quality garment will always find a place in your wardrobe over the years.


Which lasts longer?

Yes, designer clothes are a winner here again. This is because the materials they are made of are of much higher quality. Smart people understand that value is more important than price. Clothes that fall apart or lose their color after several washes cannot be called valuable.

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